13 Days

W204 by The Hummingbirds © 2015 – The Hummingbirds Release date June 26th, 2015 Laughing Coyote Records

  1. 13 Days
  2. Waste My Time
  3. Borrow Me
  4. Horses & Rattlesnakes
  5. Red Truck
  6. Forever’s Not a Lifetime
  7. Nebraska Snow
  8. Richer With Nothing
  9. Leave This Town
  10. Fast Love
  11. Listen to the River
  12. All Those Things I Didn’t Say
  13. Lamplight


Recorded live at Sputnik Sound studio in Nashville, 13 Days highlights the diverse songwriting talent of The Hummingbirds. The album was produced and engineered by Grammy Award Winner, Mitch Dane. With the support of some of the best studio players in town, their signature harmonies float on top of the sounds of dobros, fiddles, and electric guitar. Americana at it’s finest.


thehummingbirds1 © 2007 – The Hummingbirds Nannie Belle Records

  1. Empty House
  2. Washtenaw
  3. Chocolate & Vermouth
  4. Grains of Sand
  5. Leaves of Summer
  6. Utah
  7. Leroy’s Dream

Classic Country with a twisty edge, Alt. Country, and Americana–Call it what you will, but you won’t be able to resist the sweet harmonies and twangy sound of The Hummingbirds. Their 7 track E.P. features intertwined harmonies that will haunt your soul and break your heart.

The Hummingbirds


Their very first release, this self-titled album features a real, raw, down home sound. Expect a twangy mix of memorable melodies and sweet harmonies from this unique, Detroit Music Award winning, “electro-coustic” duo.

© 2005 – The Hummingbirds/Nannie Belle Records
  1. Gonna Be Alright
  2. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
  3. Vancouver
  4. Just Holding On
  5. Tables and Chairs
  6. Feels Like Forever
  7. Cell Five
  8. The Last Time We Talked
  9. Heaven Help Us
  10. Cry on the Freeway
  11. Tell Me How You Feel
  12. Coffee Kisses
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